Welcome to Maverick Dental

The word itself – Maverick –  means to be independent in thought and action. This is what sets a clear distinction between us and other companies. We stand out in quality, service and value.

All of our products are designed to cut, grind and polish flawlessly, long after other companies’ products have worn out. We work closely with our design engineers and material manufacturers to evaluate all potential variables in both the instruments and the unique properties of each material encountered in dentistry to arrive at the most optimal solutions. From the softest golds to the hardest titaniums and zirconias, we put our products through extensive bench trials using all variables of speed and pressure to test effectiveness and longevity.

At Maverick, we make it our business to learn about your particular dentistry. We pay close attention to detail and keep accurate records of which items you use, thus simplifying the reordering process for you and your staff. We realize that our ultimate success depends on our service to you today.

We look forward to working with you.