p.G055 Gloss Panther Zirconia Polishers
p.G055 Gloss Panther Zirconia Polishers
Diamond Burs Straight Handpiece
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p.G055 Panther Polisher Gloss

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Finally, a polishing system designed for the most popular Crown & Bridge materials: zirconia, lithium discilicate and conventional Feldspathic porcelain. This two-step polishing system gently smooths deep scratches and adjustment marks with Step 1, and produces a flawless gloss with Step 2. Diamond polishing paste is available for access into deep anatomical grooves inaccessible by mounted polishers.


Step 1: Use a Plum Polisher to gently smooth deep scratches and adjustment marks.


Step 2: Use an Ivory Polisher, like the p.G055, to produce a flawless gloss.

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