db.G3F High Shine Debonding Finishers
db.G3F High Shine Debonding Finishers
Diamond Burs Right Angle Latch
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db.G3F Debonding High Shine Finisher

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As an alternative to using hand instruments and other rotary carbides and diamonds, the db.G1M finisher predictably removes orthodontic adhesive without risk of damaging enamel.


Maverick orthodontic debonding finishers are available in two grits for various applications, depending on how much adhesive needs to be removed. We offer two appropriate facial/buccal shapes and a corresponding rounded point for occlusal and lingual surfaces.


Step 1: Use a Blue Polisher to pre-polish.


Step 2: Use a White Polisher, like the db.G3F, for high shine.

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