PBK 101 Kit
PBK 101 Kit
PB-1 Locator Overdenture Kit
PB-2 Upper Arch Pink Hard Base Kit
PB-3 Partial Framework Kit
PB-4 Flexible Partial-Upper Arch Kit
PB-5 Implant Crown and Bridge Combination Kit
PB-6 Implant Supported Hybrid Denture Kit
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PBK101 Kit

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Increase your treatment acceptance with pristine demonstration models. This selection, sold as a complete set, will cover virtually all variations of treatment to help explain various options and more clearly convey the solutions you are providing.

• Simplify patient education
• Increase treatment acceptance
• Minimize confusion
• Decrease consultation time

Building Kit Includes:

PB-1 Locator Overdenture  – (Lower arch, fully edentulous, clear, hard acrylic (2) brass analogs, acrylic overdenture with (2) locator caps)

PB-2 Upper Arch – Fixed Prosthetics – (7 restorations: #2 inlay, #3 gold crown, #8 full crown, #9 veneer, #11–13 bridge)

PB-3 Partial Framework – (Upper arch, partial denture and metal framework with tooth-colored clasp)

PB-4 Flexible Partial – Upper Arch – (Upper arch, flexible partial denture)

PB-5 Implant Crown & Bridge Combination (Upper arch, partially edentulous, clear hard base with (7) restorations: #3–7 implant supported bridge, #8 full crown over implant, #12–14 tooth supported bridge)

PB-6 Implant Supported Hybrid Denture Lower (Fully edentulous lower arch, clear hard base, (5) generic external hex implant with screws, denture teeth on pink acrylic )

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 4 in

PBK 101 Building Kit