USA-11-220 USA Flex Diamond Disc
USA-11-220 USA Flex Diamond Disc
USA Flex Diamond Disc USA-11-220 Diameter Chart
USA Flex-Diamond Disc USA-11-220
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USA Flexible Diamond Disc

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Use the USA-11-220 USA Flexible Diamond Disc for temporary restorations.


Refining the interproximal areas of provisional bridges has never been easier with our serrated and perforated razor-thin discs. Our discs allow you to refine and open the interproximal areas quickly and precisely. Coax these thin discs to flex as you shape your temporaries and achieve amazingly life-like contours.


Please note: Serrated and perforated discs are ideal for softer materials (jet acrylics and composite provisional material), while solid discs are more appropriate for harder materials (enamel, alloy, porcelains).

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