W17DM Polish Re-Glaze Porcelain Polishers
W17DM Polish Re-Glaze Porcelain Polishers
Diamond Burs Right Angle Latch
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W17DM ReGlaze Porcelain Polisher – Medium

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There are three easy steps to “reglazing” your Crown & Bridge restorations.


Step 1: Use a Blue Polisher to pre-polish restorative and prosthetic materials. 30-micron grit diamond suspended in a resilient silicone allows you to completely remove scratches in porcelain created during adjustment, perfectly preparing the surface for polishing.


Step 2: Use a Pink Polisher, like the W17DM, to polish the restorative and prosthetic materials. 15-micron grit diamond is used to create a super smooth surface that will easily be polished by the final instrument.


Step 3: Use a Grey Polisher to achieve an ultra-smooth finish. 5-micron grit diamond used with moderate to firm pressure will instantly reglaze the porcelain and create a shine better than fired porcelain.

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